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to establish as genuine.
to establish the authorship or origin of conclusively or unquestionably, chiefly by the techniques of scholarship:
to authenticate a painting.
to make authoritative or valid.
Contemporary Examples

So the power of the authenticating agent in the art world is predictably vast.
Are Over Half the Works on the Art Market Really Fakes? Tom Sykes October 16, 2014

Historical Examples

The mention of a public seal for authenticating state documents also becomes frequent in the inscriptions.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 5 Various

I proposed to write the letter; authenticating it, of course, by his signature.
The Legacy of Cain Wilkie Collins

The importance of the subject, and the necessity of authenticating the statements, are our excuses.
Gossip in the First Decade of Victoria’s Reign John Ashton

Here is the earliest notice of this verse, authenticating its origin.
Charles Sumner; His Complete Works, Volume X (of 20) Charles Sumner

By destroying the papers, all opportunity was lost for authenticating the innocence and usefulness of the Order.
Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe John Robison

Suggesting changes in the mode of authenticating ships’ papers.
The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Volume X (of 12) Various

Of this fact Sanders was well aware, so he employed his time in collecting and authenticating the names of Carter’s assassins.
Sanders of the River Edgar Wallace

Before we leave Ostrog, we will mention one of the miracles which we had the opportunity of authenticating.
The Land of the Black Mountain Reginald Wyon

Can any of your readers furnish me with the means of authenticating this supposition?
Notes and Queries, Number 178, March 26, 1853 Various

verb (transitive)
to establish as genuine or valid
to give authority or legal validity to

“verify, establish the credibility of,” 1650s, from Medieval Latin authenticatus, past participle of authenticare, from authenticus (see authentic). Related: Authenticated; authenticating.


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