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pertaining to autochthons; aboriginal; indigenous (opposed to heterochthonous).

found in the part of the body in which it originates, as a cancerous lesion.
found in a locality in which it originates, as an infectious disease.

Psychology. of or relating to ideas that arise independently of the individual’s own train of thought and seem instead to have some alien or external agency as their source.
Geology. (of rocks, minerals, etc.) formed in the region where found.
Compare allochthonous.
Historical Examples

It is an important one: it is our first really national period, all-American, autochthonic.
A History of American Literature Since 1870 Fred Lewis Pattee

The former are autochthonic parasites, the others are foreigners.
Animal Parasites and Messmates P. J. Van Beneden

Treating as an error the tradition of their vagrant character, he conceives them to be generally and above all autochthonic.
Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age, Vol. 1 of 3 W. E. Gladstone

From this invisible ground-plan rose something absolutely original and autochthonic.
The Evolution of Love Emil Lucka

The dance is the primordial, autochthonic form of music; its foundation so to speak.
Beethoven George Alexander Fischer

(of rocks, deposits, etc) found where they and their constituents were formed Compare allochthonous
inhabiting a place or region from earliest known times; aboriginal
(physiol) (of some functions, such as heartbeat) originating within an organ rather than from external stimulation

1827, from autochthon + -ic.

“native, indigenous,” 1845, from autochthon + -ous.

autochthonous au·toch·tho·nous (ô-tŏk’thə-nəs)

Native to the place inhabited; indigenous.

Originating in the place where found. Used of a disease originating in the part of the body where found, or of a disease acquired in the place where the patient is.


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