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autoclasis au·toc·la·sis (ô-tŏk’lə-sĭs) or au·to·cla·si·a (ô’tō-klā’zē-ə)

A breaking up or rupturing from intrinsic or internal causes.

Progressive, immunologically induced tissue destruction.


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  • Autocode

    autocode language 1. The assembly language accepted by AUTOCODER. 2. A generic term for symbolic assembly language. Versions of Autocode were developed for Ferranti Atlas, Titan, Mercury and Pegasus and IBM 702 and IBM 705. (2001-05-14)

  • Autocoder

    autocoder language Possibly the first primitive compiler. AUTOCODER was written by Alick E. Glennie in 1952. It translated symbolic statements into machine language for the Manchester Mark I computer. Autocoding later came to be a generic term for assembly language programming. (1994-11-07)

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    autocoid autocoid au·to·coid (ô’tə-koid’) n. Variant of autacoid.

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    the process used in an autocollimator.

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