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pertaining to or of the nature of autocracy or of an autocrat; absolute:
autocratic government.
like an autocrat; tyrannical; despotic; domineering:
autocratic behavior; an autocratic person.
Contemporary Examples

In October of 2011, Libya was finally freed from autocratic rule after 42 years of oppression under the dictator Muammar Gaddafi.
How Goldman Sachs Rescued Libya Joshua Brown February 2, 2014

Sure, we all hope that present autocratic friends will help with a peaceful and orderly transition toward real democracy.
Libya Protests: Watch Out, Barack Obama Leslie H. Gelb February 21, 2011

Look at Russia, that autocratic democracy led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a kind of Stalinist hippie.
Leslie H. Gelb on a World in Crisis—and What Obama Should Do Leslie H. Gelb December 13, 2011

Taken together, an autocratic leader and a flatlining stock price are powerful motivators for a coup d’etat.
Brewing Coup Against Microsoft CEO Peter Lauria July 20, 2010

Michael Moynihan does not mourn the passing of this autocratic showman—and says his mad dreams will likely die with him.
Hugo Chávez Dead at 58: Good Riddance! Michael Moynihan March 4, 2013

Historical Examples

No rule is free from faults, and when it is autocratic a possible claimant for the chief post is a danger to the State.
The Coast of Adventure Harold Bindloss

The answer was covered by the autocratic clang on the engine-room gong.
End of the Tether Joseph Conrad

Sue was loath to go, fearing she could not get back before you arrived, but you know your Aunt Clay and how 29 autocratic she is.
Molly Brown’s Post-Graduate Days Nell Speed

At present, an autocratic bureaucracy with no one man at the top.
Equation of Doom Gerald Vance

One of the most important of these was caused by the rapid development of the autocratic Power.
Russia Donald Mackenzie Wallace

of or relating to an absolute and unrestricted ruler
domineering or dictatorial

1823, from French autocratique, from autocrate, from Greek autokrates (see autocrat). Earlier autocratoric (1670s) was directly from Greek autokratorikos. Autocratical is attested from 1801.


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