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the arousal and satisfaction of sexual excitement within or by oneself, as by masturbation.
Historical Examples

These manifestations have been dealt with in the study of autoerotism in vol.
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 6 (of 6) Havelock Ellis

(psychol) the arousal and use of one’s own body as a sexual object, as through masturbation

autoerotism au·to·er·o·tism (ô’tō-ěr’ə-tĭz’əm) or au·to·e·rot·i·cism (-ĭ-rŏt’ĭ-sĭz’əm)

Self-satisfaction of sexual desire, as by masturbation.

The arousal of sexual feeling without an external stimulus.

au’to·e·rot’ic (-ĭ-rŏt’ĭk) adj.


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