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Botany. pollination of the ovules of a flower by its own pollen; self-fertilization (opposed to ).
Biology. conjugation in an individual organism by division of its nucleus into two parts that in turn reunite to form a zygote.
Historical Examples

Meiosis in Rhynchonympha in one cytoplasmic and two nuclear divisions followed by autogamy.
The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches Louis M. Roth

I wish that I had used some such terms as autogamy, xenogamy, etc..
More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II Charles Darwin

Meiosis in Barbulanympha following fertilization, autogamy, and endomitosis.
The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches Louis M. Roth

One-division meiosis and autogamy without cell division in Urinympha.
The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches Louis M. Roth

self-fertilization in flowering plants
a type of sexual reproduction, occurring in some protozoans, in which the uniting gametes are derived from the same cell

autogamy au·tog·a·my (ô-tŏg’ə-mē)
Self-fertilization in which fission of the cell nucleus occurs without complete cellular division forming two pronuclei so that reunite to form the synkaryon.
au·tog’a·mous adj.

See self-fertilization.

The union of nuclei within and arising from a single cell, as in certain protozoans and fungi.


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