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an automobile manufacturer.
Contemporary Examples

The Italian automaker brought new management, design ideas, cash, and marketing elan to the company.
Bailout’s Success Lets Treasury Take Loss on General Motors Stock Daniel Gross December 18, 2012

The automaker’s stunning rebound into profitability seemed to shock even those who made it happen.
Is GM’s Turnaround for Real? Paul A. Eisenstein August 12, 2010

A longtime Big Three economist on why the automaker crisis would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.
My Nine Years Spinning Wheels at GM Walter McManus November 18, 2008

The last man standing is also the only major U.S. automaker to choose free markets over freeloading.
3 Things Ford Can Teach the Rest of Detroit John Avlon June 2, 2009

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli left when that automaker reemerged from Chapter 11.
GM: We’re on a Short Leash Paul A. Eisenstein June 28, 2009

And the automaker has made at least one direct jab at its troubled rival.
Detroit’s Big Chance? Paul A. Eisenstein February 2, 2010

The automaker was supposed to get rid of its unresponsive culture in exchange for taxpayer salvation.
The Old General Motors Is Back Micheline Maynard April 6, 2014

What happens if an automaker offers him the chance to reinvent an iconic marque?
Apple’s Brain Drain Dan Lyons June 14, 2011


“manufacturer of automobiles,” 1925, from auto + maker.


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