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to apply the principles of automation to (a mechanical process, industry, office, etc.).
to operate or control by automation.
to displace or make obsolete by automation (often followed by out):
The unskilled jobs are going to be automated out.
to install automatic procedures, as for manufacturing or servicing; follow or utilize the principles of automation:
Many banks have begun to automate.
Contemporary Examples

Most definitely not the robots who brought us the automated joy on Twitter.
Horse_ebooks Is Dead Brian Ries September 23, 2013

You may write to the VA, but you will either receive no reply or an automated response.
The Military Teaches Soldiers Strength; the VA Teaches Veterans to Beg Chris Miller August 29, 2013

I remember being amazed at how scary The Sixth Sense was when I went to do ADR [automated dialog replacement].
Whatever Happened to ‘The O.C.’ Star Mischa Barton? Ramin Setoodeh March 25, 2013

automated tanning booths “are basically like a car wash and can be very intimidating,” says Salon HQ’s Loupos.
Spray-Tan Horror Stories Anneli Rufus July 6, 2010

We bought tickets at an automated machine and boarded the PlaneTrain.
Ciao, Roma! Hello, Newark! James Atlas January 5, 2011

Historical Examples

Lightweight hydraulic pumps—used in automated machinery and pneumatic control systems.
The Practical Values of Space Exploration Committee on Science and Astronautics

The automated files selected three microcard dossiers that matched the requirements of the order.
The Dueling Machine Benjamin William Bova

There is no direct correspondence between the literacy of emergent writing and that of automated writing and reading.
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin

A shudder went through him as he edged along the automated customs scanners and paper-checkers.
The Dueling Machine Benjamin William Bova

Listen, sir, that’s just one more field that’s been automated right out of existence.
Mercenary Dallas McCord Reynolds

to make (a manufacturing process, factory, etc) automatic, or (of a manufacturing process, etc) to be made automatic

1952, American English, adjective based on automation.

“to convert to automatic operation,” 1954, back-formation from automated (q.v.). Ancient Greek verb automatizein meant “to act of oneself, to act unadvisedly.” Related: Automating.


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