Automatic camera

a camera in which the lens aperture or the shutter speed or both are automatically adjusted to the prevailing conditions
Historical Examples

Mr. Ringold and Mr. Hadley were surprised and delighted at the news the boys brought, but they voted against the automatic camera.
The Moving Picture Boys on the Coast Victor Appleton

Prochaska manned the automatic camera to record the orbital and landing phases.
First on the Moon Jeff Sutton

Probably got an automatic camera so Gotch can watch the show.
First on the Moon Jeff Sutton

I hurried across the field with my aeroscope (an automatic camera), and stood at the end of the path waiting for him to pass.
How I Filmed the War Lieut. Geoffrey H. Malins

Is he to appear with his flying machine, or his portable dining-table, or his automatic camera?
A Foregone Conclusion William Dean Howells

Off to the left, where was planted the automatic camera, came a faint noise.
The Moving Picture Boys at Panama Victor Appleton

“It’s the clockwork of the automatic camera,” Blake whispered.
The Moving Picture Boys at Panama Victor Appleton

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