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Automatic exposure

the automatic adjustment of the lens aperture and shutter speed of a camera by a control mechanism Also called autoexposure


Read Also:

  • Automatic focus

    noun a system in a camera which automatically adjusts the lens so that the object being photographed is in focus, often one using infrared light to estimate the distance of the object from the camera (as modifier): automatic-focus lens AF, Also called autofocus

  • Automatic frequency control

    noun a system in a radio or television receiver by which the tuning of an incoming signal is accurately maintained AFC

  • Automatic gain control

    noun control of a radio receiver in which the gain varies inversely with the magnitude of the input, thus maintaining the output at an approximately constant level AGC

  • Automatic hyphenation

    automatic hyphenation text A feature of some word processors which can insert hyphens into words which would otherwise extend beyond the right hand margin of the page. More advanced word processors may have options to control the position of the hyphen, to restrict certain words from being hyphenated, and to allow custom dictionaries of hyphenation […]

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