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Autonomic imbalance

autonomic imbalance

autonomic imbalance n.
A lack of balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, especially when manifested by vasomotor disturbances. Also called vasomotor imbalance.


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  • Autonomic nervous system

    the system of nerves and ganglia that innervates the blood vessels, heart, smooth muscles, viscera, and glands and controls their involuntary functions, consisting of sympathetic and parasympathetic portions. Contemporary Examples He equated this response with altered activity of the autonomic nervous system. Why Do We Cry? Michael Trimble January 9, 2013 Historical Examples autonomic nervous […]

  • Autonomic neurogenic bladder

    autonomic neurogenic bladder autonomic neurogenic bladder n. A malfunctioning urinary bladder secondary to low spinal cord lesions. Also called neuropathic bladder.

  • Autonomic plexus

    autonomic plexus autonomic plexus n. Any of the plexuses of nerves in relation to blood vessels and viscera, whose component fibers are sympathetic, parasympathetic, and sensory.

  • Autonomical

    autonomous. of or relating to the autonomic nervous system. Physiology. under the control of the autonomic nervous system. Cell Biology. produced by internal forces or causes; spontaneous. adjective occurring involuntarily or spontaneously of or relating to the autonomic nervous system Also autonomous. (of plant movements) occurring as a result of internal stimuli adj. 1832, “pertaining […]

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