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  • Autoplasty

    the repair of defects with tissue from another part of the patient’s body. noun surgical repair of defects by grafting or transplanting tissue from the patient’s own body autoplasty au·to·plas·ty (ô’tō-plās’tē) n. Surgical repair or reconstruction of a body part using tissue taken from another part of the body. au’to·plas’tic adj. au’to·plas’ti·cal·ly adv.

  • Autoplastic graft

    autoplastic graft autoplastic graft n. See autograft.

  • Autopolymer resin

    autopolymer resin autopolymer resin au·to·pol·y·mer resin (ô’tō-pŏl’ə-mər) n. A resin that can be polymerized by chemical catalysis rather than by the application of heat, as of dental restoration material. Also called activated resin, cold-cure resin, quick-cure resin, self-curing resin.

  • Autopolyploidy

    having more than two haploid sets of chromosomes that are derived from the same ancestral species. an autopolyploid cell or organism. adjective (of cells, organisms, etc) having more than two sets of haploid chromosomes inherited from a single species noun an organism or cell of this type

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