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something that is improvised or extemporized.


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  • Autosepticemia

    autosepticemia autosepticemia au·to·sep·ti·ce·mi·a (ô’tō-sěp’tĭ-sē’mē-ə) n. Septicemia originating with microorganisms existing within the individual and not introduced from outside the person.

  • Autoserum

    autoserum autoserum au·to·se·rum (ô’tō-sēr’əm) n. Serum derived from an individual’s own blood.

  • Autosite

    autosite autosite au·to·site (ô’tō-sīt’) n. The usually larger component of abnormal, unequally conjoined twins that is able to live independently and nourish the other parasitic component. Historical Examples Finally, there is the Endocyma, which is a parasite enclosed within the body of an autosite. Essays In Pastoral Medicine Austin Malley When an omphalosite exists, the […]

  • Autosomal

    any chromosome other than a sex chromosome. Historical Examples It is an autosomal character, a member of the second group of linked gens. Sex-linked Inheritance in Drosophila Thomas Hunt Morgan noun any chromosome that is not a sex chromosome n. coined 1906 by U.S. cytologist T.H. Montgomery (1873-1912), from auto- + -some (3)). Related: Autosomal. […]

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