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to the; at the; with the.
variant of auxo-, especially before a vowel:
auxiliary; auxiliaries.
plural of au.
auxiliary verb: used to represent a phrase structure constituent that may include such verbal elements as tense and mood markers as well as auxiliaries.
Historical Examples

So all the French philologists agree; and the modern variance of aux armes does not invalidate so plain an etymology.
Notes & Queries, No. 44, Saturday, August 31, 1850 Various

I wish I could have seen you aux prises with her, Oldmeadow remarked.
Adrienne Toner Anne Douglas Sedgwick

She returned towards Port aux Pins by the fields, avoiding the road; the shadows were dense now; it was almost night.
Jupiter Lights Constance Fenimore Woolson

“He heard some one say it to that parrot in Port aux Pins,” explained Eve.
Jupiter Lights Constance Fenimore Woolson

Madame Clmence Joigne aux is of a red and lilac color, and grows with great vigor.
The Book of Roses Francis Parkman

Robert Blaize said you were the prettiest girl in Balne aux Bois.
A Round Dozen Susan Coolidge

It is an adaptation of the inscription over the Pantheon, “aux grands hommes, la Patrie reconnaissante.”
The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference Emile Joseph Dillon

Harry is going to take us all to the Caf aux Fleurs for tea.
Seeing France with Uncle John Anne Warner

Une grosse commre sensuelle, aux traits bouffis, l’air assez commun, mais qui pouvait plaire Claude.
Walks in Rome Augustus J.C. Hare

The cry, “aux Tuileries,” first launched by the street gamins, soon became the slogan of the crowd.
Royal Palaces and Parks of France Milburg Francisco Mansfield

Chemical symbol
African Union
Also a.u.. angstrom unit
Also a.u.. astronomical unit

chemical symbol for “gold,” from Latin aurum “gold” (see aureate).

French, “at the, to the,” from Old French al, contraction of a le, with -l- softened to -u-, as also poudre from pulverem, chaud from calidus, etc. Used in many expressions in cookery, etc., which have crossed the Channel since 18c., e.g. au contraire, literally “on the contrary;” au gratin, literally “with scrapings;” au jus, literally “with the juice.”

The symbol for the element gold.

AU abbr.
Latin auris utraque (each ear)
The symbol for gold.
Abbreviation of astronomical unit
auxiliary verb
astronomical unit
auxiliary verb


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