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Auxiliary tone

a melodic ornamental tone following a principal tone by a step above or below and returning to the principal tone; embellishment.
Historical Examples

Yes,” she said, in an auxiliary tone, “Reuben always was such a hot man.
Under the Greenwood Tree Thomas Hardy


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  • Auxiliary power unit

    noun an additional engine fitted to an aircraft to operate when the main engines are not in use

  • Auxiliary rafter

    a rafter reinforcing a principal rafter. a rafter reinforcing a diagonal member of a queen post truss.

  • Auxiliary rotor

    noun the tail rotor of a helicopter, used for directional and rotary control

  • Auxiliary verb

    a word used in construction with and preceding certain forms of other verbs, as infinitives or participles, to express distinctions of tense, aspect, mood, etc., as did in Did you go?, am in I am listening, have in We have spoken, or can in They can see. Historical Examples It is placed in the indicative […]

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