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characterized by avarice; greedy; covetous.
Contemporary Examples

And if both women are more amoral and avaricious than Ma Joad and Mama Younger, well, so are we.
Is There a Ma Joad for the Piketty Era? Katie Baker June 30, 2014

“There are so many couples who fit that bill,” she says of the avaricious pair.
The Art World’s Devil Wears Prada James Reginato May 12, 2010

For this story has not been derived from hacked voicemails, an avaricious doctor, or a garrulous friend.
Is Kate Preggers? Tom Sykes November 5, 2011

Historical Examples

What if his government were proved to be one of the most corrupt, avaricious, tyrannical, that ever existed upon earth?
Auricular Confession and Popish Nunneries William Hogan

The avaricious are out of the pale of peace already, and at all events.
Deerbrook Harriet Martineau

He knew instinctively that she was avaricious by nature, and would be likely to do anything for gain.
The Day of Judgment Joseph Hocking

Many of them were avaricious, timid, lazy and inattentive to their duties.
The Rise of the Hugenots, Vol. 1 (of 2) Henry Martyn Baird

“Unscrupulous, fierce, and avaricious,” he is a type of the great feudal churchmen when they were veritable rulers.
Bell’s Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Salisbury Gleeson White

What, and expose all our hoarded wealth to the eyes of the avaricious crew!
Captain Mugford W.H.G. Kingston

And she strove to impart an expression of compassionate good-nature to her long, avaricious, false face.
Fruitfulness Emile Zola


late 15c., from Old French avaricios “greedy, covetous” (Modern French avaricieux), from avarice (see avarice). An Old English word for it was feoh-georn. Related: Avariciously; avariciousness.


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