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Baron, Lubbock, Sir John.
Also, Abury. a village in Wiltshire, England: site of one of the largest ceremonial megalithic structures in Europe.
Historical Examples

Avebury Church, just without the rampart, was originally a Saxon building, its aisles being Norman additions.
Wanderings in Wessex Edric Holmes

Stonehenge and Avebury in England are almost equally celebrated.
The New Stone Age in Northern Europe John M. Tyler

The remains at Avebury are believed to be much older than those at Stonehenge, dating back a thousand years or so before Christ.
Social Life in England Through the Centuries H. R. Wilton Hall

The largest of these in this country is Avebury, not many miles distant from Stonehenge.
Stonehenge Frank Stevens

Avebury appears to have been made up of a vast circle of unhewn stones enclosing two other separate double circles.
Social Life in England Through the Centuries H. R. Wilton Hall

And incidentally my friend and I may have the pleasure of showing you Salisbury and Avebury.
The Secret Places of the Heart H. G. Wells

Stonehenge, on Salisbury Plain, is a better known ruin, though not on as large a scale as at Avebury.
The Prehistoric World E. A. Allen

“I was suggesting that we run back to Avebury to-morrow,” said Sir Richmond.
The Secret Places of the Heart H. G. Wells

In the last part of this sentence the great doctor either forgets, or shows his ignorance of, the antiquities at Avebury.
Wanderings in Wessex Edric Holmes

But we are off our own track now and must return to Avebury, or Abury as the natives have it.
Wanderings in Wessex Edric Holmes

a village in Wiltshire, site of an extensive Neolithic stone circle


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