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Average deviation

mean deviation.
a measure of dispersion, computed by taking the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of the deviations of the functional values from some central value, usually the mean or median.
Historical Examples

The average deviation from the mean was indeed less than 1⁄5000 part of the whole.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 16, Slice 5 Various

It is also customary in careful work to state the average deviation of the observed values from the mean.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia Various

In every employment this determines his Personal Equation, or average deviation from the normal.
Logic Carveth Read

(statistics) another name for mean deviation
noun (statistics)
the difference between an observed value of a variable and its mean
Also mean deviation from the mean, mean deviation from the median, average deviation. a measure of dispersion derived by computing the mean of the absolute values of the differences between observed values of a variable and the variable’s mean
mean deviation
In a statistical distribution, the average of the absolute values of the differences between individual numbers and their mean.


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