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to assert or affirm with confidence; declare in a positive or peremptory manner.
Law. to allege as a fact.
Contemporary Examples

Many of those who voted for President Clinton, Bork averred, did so because they were rooked by devious liberal lies.
Speed Read: Best Bits From Robert Bork’s ‘Slouching Towards Gomorrah’ Michael Moynihan December 19, 2012

Congress, she averred, should put itself on “cruise control—Ted Cruz control—just for a week.”
Nostalgia Act: The Great Sarah Palin Revival Tour of 2013 Nick Gillespie June 17, 2013

Historical Examples

And of what consequence was it whether those facts were averred or judicially noticed.
‘The System,’ as uncovered by the San Francisco Graft Prosecution Franklin Hichborn

“But Mrs. Tresham may learn just as well by experience as by method,” he averred.
A Singer from the Sea Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

And yet, he averred that it was absolutely necessary that Captain Doughty should be put upon his trial.
Under Drake’s Flag G. A. Henty

“She would,” averred Barry stoutly, over the twinge of an inner qualm.
The Innocent Adventuress Mary Hastings Bradley

Half of the nobility of Italy, she averred, were sighing—or busily doing sums—at the feet of the American heiress.
The Title Market Emily Post

That this assumption is just and wise is averred by some and denied by others.
The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV Various

“There are lots of things you wouldn’t dare say before everybody,” averred Dora.
Anne Of The Island Lucy Maud Montgomery

And on my having to admit that I had not, he averred that he had.
My Reminiscences Rabindranath Tagore

verb (transitive) avers, averring, averred
to state positively; assert
(law) to allege as a fact or prove to be true

late 14c., from Old French averer “verify,” from Vulgar Latin *adverare “make true, prove to be true,” from Latin ad- “to” (see ad-) + verus “true” (see very). Related: Averred; averring.


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