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  • Avesta

    a collection of sacred Zoroastrian writings, including the Gathas. Historical Examples He is also a guardian of the celestial soma, and is sometimes, as in the Avesta, connected with the waters. A History of Sanskrit Literature Arthur A. MacDonell Where here is the similarity between Genesis and the Avesta? Chips From A German Workshop – […]

  • Avestan

    an ancient East Iranian language of the Indo-European family, the language of all the Avesta but the Gathas. Compare Gathic (def 1). of or relating to the Avesta or its language. Historical Examples The Avestan Morals are brought out by Mr. Johnson in their original and exceeding purity. The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. […]

  • Aveyron

    a department in S France. 3387 sq. mi. (8770 sq. km). Capital: Rodez. Historical Examples The journalist added that he heard a speech of the same kind in the bush-region of Aveyron. Georges Guynemer Henry Bordeaux I repeat with her the method of manipulation which I employed so successfully on the banks of the Aveyron. […]

  • Avf

    all-volunteer force: referring to an armed force made up solely of volunteers during a period when there is no military draft, as the U.S. armed forces since the Vietnam War. all-volunteer force arteriovenous fistula Aruba-florin (currency)

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