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Avian leukosis

any of several diseases occurring chiefly in chickens, involving proliferation of the leukocytes and characterized by paralysis, blindness, formation of tumors in the internal organs, and bone calcification.

leukosis leu·ko·sis (lōō-kō’sĭs)
The abnormal proliferation of one or more of the leukopoietic tissues.


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  • Avian pneumoencephalitis

    Newcastle disease.

  • Avian leukosis-sarcoma complex

    avian leukosis-sarcoma complex avian leukosis-sarcoma complex n. A division of the RNA tumor viruses that causes a group of transmissable diseases of poultry. Also called avian leukosis-sarcoma virus. The group of diseases caused by this division of viruses.

  • Avian pox

    fowl pox. a virus disease of chickens and other birds characterized by warty excrescences on the comb and wattles, and often by diphtherialike changes in the mucous membranes of the head.

  • Avianize

    to diminish the infectivity of (a virus) by repeated culturing in chick embryos.

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