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eagerness; greediness.
enthusiasm or dedication.
Contemporary Examples

If his avidity was an act, Brooks should immediately move to Hollywood and collect his Academy Awards.
I’m Not Country or Pop. I’m Just Pure Garth Brooks. David Masciotra September 9, 2014

Historical Examples

I raised his head, and held the refilled water-can to his lips, when he drank with avidity.
Mass’ George George Manville Fenn

At ‘beautiful Vienne,’ Martial boasted that his works were read with avidity.
The Roof of France Matilda Betham-Edwards

Law now brought forward his schemes for a free supply of money, and they were seized upon with avidity.
Curiosities of Human Nature Anonymous

Roderic surveyed his victim with an eye of avidity and triumph.
Imogen William Godwin

The papers spoke of the new novel in high tones of praise, the public read it with avidity.
Famous Women: George Sand Bertha Thomas

At five years of age children will generally learn with avidity.
The Curse of Education Harold E. Gorst

M———, a somewhat frivolous and unscrupulous beauty, who had bled his not overfilled purse with the avidity of a leech.
Great Italian and French Composers George T. Ferris

He seizes the project with avidity, and offers to supply me with a hammer for my work.
Lord Kilgobbin Charles Lever

I hardly need say that I loved him—I did so from my heart, and learned with avidity to please him.
Jacob Faithful Captain Frederick Marryat

the quality or state of being avid

greed; avarice


the strength of an acid or base in proportion to its degree of dissociation
another term for affinity (sense 6b)

(immunol) a measure of antigen-to-antibody binding, based on the rate of formation of the complex

mid-15c., “eagerness, zeal,” from Old French avidite “avidity, greed,” from Latin aviditatem (nominative aviditas) “eagerness, avidity,” noun of quality from avidus (see avid).


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