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a city in central Spain, a religious and academic center.
Contemporary Examples

avila, who was wounded in the right leg and left arm, told the detective that Holmes was targeting “people who were fleeing.”
Aurora Cops Relive the Horror at James Holmes Hearing Christine Pelisek January 7, 2013

Historical Examples

He looked at the manta, now, like that of avila, a mocking failure.
The Fair God Lew Wallace

Then give us tickets to avila and we will wait at Medina del Campo.
Poor Folk in Spain Jan Gordon

If ever there was an embodiment in architecture of the church militant, it is in the Cathedral of avila.
Cathedrals of Spain John A. (John Allyne) Gade

It was pitchy night when we clambered down from the train at avila.
Poor Folk in Spain Jan Gordon

avila is an intensely cold place, frosts often occur here in May, but the summer months are delightful.
Cathedral Cities of Spain William Wiehe Collins

He had previously been guilty at avila of the same practices.
A History of The Inquisition of Spain; vol. 2, Henry Charles Lea

For our eight pesetas a day in avila we had had as much as we wanted.
Poor Folk in Spain Jan Gordon

Her confessor asked her if she wished to be buried in her own convent at avila.
The Catholic World, Vol. X, October 1869 Various

Having spent the day at the Escorial, at ten in the evening we took the express to avila.
Heroic Spain Elizabeth Boyle O’Reilly

a city in central Spain: 11th-century granite walls and Romanesque cathedral. Pop: 52 078 (2003 est)


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