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a female given name: from a Latin word meaning “bird.”.
Contemporary Examples

But as the old Avis ad goes, as No. 2, Oklahoma (with a solid 111 kills) tries harder.
Mary Fallin’s Killer Fiasco Michelle Cottle April 30, 2014

Soon Westin, Expedia, Hotels.com, and Avis asked to be removed from CGBG.
Christian Group’s New Gay War Michelle Goldberg August 21, 2011

Microsoft-Yahoo becomes a genuine Pepsi to Google’s Coke, Burger King to their McDonalds, Avis to their Hertz.
Microsoft’s Prison Yard Conquest Douglas Rushkoff July 28, 2009

Historical Examples

Nobody volunteered for the disagreeable task, and Avis suggested that Winnie herself might be suitable.
The Nicest Girl in the School Angela Brazil

In a kindly voice he said, “You must have heard of Avis Solis.”
The Marooner Charles A. Stearns

Even Jean and Avis were too far away to speak to, and she was yet an absolute outsider to everyone else.
The Nicest Girl in the School Angela Brazil

The Avis is omitted in that edition, and in all the later impressions which I have seen.
Notes and Queries, Number 219, January 7, 1854 Various

His ears felt hot, as often of late when he tangled with Avis, and he unlimbered only a few choice oaths.
Industrial Revolution Poul William Anderson

Avis Manning’s “Company” was one of the events of the season.
A Little Girl in Old Salem Amanda Minnie Douglas

You are sad—I think I will send for Avis to come over and cheer you up.
Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World James Cowan

U.S. car rental company, according to company history, founded 1946 at Willow Run Airport in Detroit by Warren Avis.


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