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any of several long-legged, web-footed shorebirds constituting the genus Recurvirostra, having a long, slender, upward-curving bill.
Historical Examples

Steering a careful course in a sea ‘foul with floating mines,’ the Cork steamship avocet was attacked by three aeroplanes.
Merchantmen-at-Arms David W. Bone

Witness the experience of the avocet on her voyage from Rotterdam.
The Fleets Behind the Fleet W. MacNeile (William MacNeile) Dixon

The avocet is interesting and attractive in appearance, without having any especially notable characteristics.
Birds, Illustrated by Color Photography [July 1897] Various

The Australian avocet is one species of a cosmopolitan genus.
An Australian Bird Book John Albert Leach

The nest of the avocet is a very simple structure, generally made by placing a few blades of grass in a hole in the sand.
Reptiles and Birds Louis Figuier

The avocet’s bill is sharply curved upwards, and is one of the most remarkable of such organs.
An Australian Bird Book John Albert Leach

The avocet stands about twenty inches in height, although its body is but little bigger than that of a Pigeon.
Reptiles and Birds Louis Figuier

They are about the size of the avocet, and sometimes 322 attain the height of six-and-twenty inches.
Reptiles and Birds Louis Figuier

Later, we experimented on many oological varieties, especially Stilt’s and avocet’s eggs.
Wild Spain (Espaa agreste) Abel Chapman

The use of the avocet’s recurved bill is clearly explained by the manner in which the bird procures its food.
Life Histories of North American Shore Birds, Part 1 (of 2) Arthur Cleveland Bent

any of several long-legged shore birds of the genus Recurvirostra, such as the European R. avosetta, having black-and-white plumage and a long upward-curving bill: family Recurvirostridae, order Charadriiformes


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