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to make frank acknowledgment or affirmation of; declare or assert with positiveness.
to assume responsibility for; vouch for; guarantee.
to admit; confess.
Historical Examples

However, said he, if this which he avouches be true, let us arm and out.
The Chautauquan, Vol. III, March 1883 The Chautauquan Literary and Scientific Circle

As the Old Testament avouches they grew to be a mighty nation, distinguished in certain respects from all other peoples.
The Vitality of Mormonism–Brief Essays James E. Talmage

It will do so, he avouches, with a gentle blue flame of great beauty and serenity.
Plum Pudding Christopher Morley

Villemarqu avouches that this version was taken down by his mother from the lips of an old peasant woman of the parish of Nvez.
Legends & Romances of Brittany Lewis Spence

verb (transitive) (archaic)
to vouch for; guarantee
to acknowledge
to assert

late 15c., from Middle French avochier “call upon as authority,” in Old French “call (to court), advocate, plead (a case),” from Latin advocare “call to” as a witness (see advocate).

Avouch, which is no longer in common use, means guarantee, solemnly aver, prove by assertion, maintain the truth or existence of, vouch for …. Avow means own publicly to, make no secret of, not shrink from admitting, acknowledge one’s responsibility for …. Vouch is now common only in the phrase vouch for, which has taken the place of avouch in ordinary use, & means pledge one’s word for …. [Fowler]

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