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herring roe with a smoky flavour, sometimes used as a less expensive alternative to caviar


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  • Avogadro’s constant

    noun the number of atoms or molecules in a mole of a substance, equal to 6.022 52 × 1023 L, NA Avogadro’s constant A·vo·ga·dro’s constant (ä’və-gä’drōz, ä’vō-) n. See Avogadro’s number.

  • Avulse

    to pull off or tear away forcibly: to avulse a ligament.

  • Avulsion fracture

    avulsion fracture avulsion fracture n. A fracture occurring when a joint capsule, ligament, tendon, or muscle is pulled from a bone, taking with it a fragment of the bone to which it was attached.

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    a tearing away. Law. the sudden removal of soil by change in a river’s course or by a flood, from the land of one owner to that of another. a part torn off. Historical Examples avulsion of the tuberosity of the tibia occasionally occurs in youths, from violent contraction of the quadriceps—as in jumping. Manual […]

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