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to give as due or merited; assign or bestow:
to award prizes.
to bestow by judicial decree; assign or appoint by deliberate judgment, as in arbitration:
The plaintiff was awarded damages of $100,000.
something awarded, as a payment or medal.

a decision after consideration; a judicial sentence.
the decision of arbitrators on a matter submitted to them.

Contemporary Examples

We wear whatever the heck we want—even flip-flops—and we all have a few drinks while the awards are given out.
The Oscars: 21 Fixes for the Show So It’s Less Boring Evan Shapiro February 19, 2012

Mitt Romney won, but Sabato awards the Senate seat to Democrat Tim Kaine.
Democrats Are on Track to Retain Control of Senate Eleanor Clift November 5, 2012

“When we decided to do the awards campaign for La Vie en Rose, I felt the need to go back to Berlitz,” says Cotillard.
Marion Cotillard on Playing a Prostitute in ‘The Immigrant’ and Seducing America Marlow Stern May 16, 2014

That strange, weird, spectacular place also gets its own awards show each June.
The Weirdest Tony Award Performances Ever (VIDEO) Kevin Fallon June 6, 2014

While Twilight was one of this year’s biggest successes at the box office, it has gotten no love at awards shows—until now.
Hurt Locker Sweeps ‘British Oscars’ The Daily Beast February 20, 2010

Historical Examples

If the post of danger is the post of real honor, the Sutler has been scandalously overlooked in all awards.
The Army Mule and Other War Sketches Henry A. Castle

And who awards not to Milton the richest medal in the Temple of the Muses!
Continental Monthly, Vol. III, No IV, April 1863 Various

The period was marked by the paucity of awards made to British troops.
Chats on Military Curios Stanley C. Johnson

After the contest, tea was served in the gymnasium, where the awards were given out.
The 1926 Tatler Various

The chief holds his court at his kraal, in the open air, settles disputes and awards punishments.
Impressions of South Africa James Bryce

verb (transitive)
to give (something due), esp as a reward for merit: to award prizes
(law) to declare to be entitled, as by decision of a court of law or an arbitrator
something awarded, such as a prize or medal: an award for bravery
(in Australia and New Zealand) the amount of an award wage (esp in the phrase above award)

the decision of an arbitrator
a grant made by a court of law, esp of damages in a civil action


late 14c., “decide after careful observation,” from Anglo-French awarder, from Old North French eswarder (Old French esguarder) “decide, examine” (after careful consideration), from es- “out” + guarder “to watch” (see guard (n.)). Related: Awarded; awarding.

late 14c., “decision after consideration,” from Anglo-French award, Old French esguard, from esguarder (see award (v.)). Meaning “something awarded” is first attested 1590s.
Automated Weather Acquisition and Retrieval Data System


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