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from this or that place; off:
to go away.
aside; to another place; in another direction: to turn your eyes away; to turn away customers.
far; apart:
away back; away from the subject.
out of one’s possession or use:
to give money away.
out of existence or notice; into extinction:
to fade away; to idle away the morning.
incessantly or relentlessly; repeatedly:
He kept hammering away.
without hesitation:
Fire away.
absent; gone:
to be away from home.
six miles away.
immediately off and on the way:
The order was given and he was away.
Sports. played in a ball park, arena, or the like, other than the one that is or is assumed to be the center of operations of a team:
winners in their last three away games.
Compare home (def 15).
Baseball. having been put out:
with two away in the top of the seventh.

(of a golf ball) lying farthest from the hole.
(of a golfer) having hit such a ball and being required to play first.

do away with,

to get rid of; abolish; stop.
to kill:
Bluebeard did away with all his wives.

away with,

take away:
Away with him!
go away! leave!:
Away with you!

where away?, (of something sighted from a ship) in which direction? where?
Contemporary Examples

“He was a tough man and I had faith that work was keeping him away,” she says.
‘In Cold Blood’ in Ukraine Jamie Dettmer May 2, 2014

“No sooner had he dropped the 11th-hour witness on our doorstep than he whisked him away,” writes Ashton.
Death-Penalty Issue, Abuse Defense: 7 Revelations in Casey Anthony Book November 15, 2011

But their first baby dies two hours after birth, while Joe is away, and Iseult savagely turns on him.
Must Read New Fiction: ‘Arcadia,’ ‘Men in Space,’ ‘The O’Briens,’ ‘Hot Pink’ Chloë Schama, Jacob Silverman, Wendy Smith, Daniel Roberts March 22, 2012

I think I thought that it was some weird, alien thing that took you away from connecting with each other.
Alicia Silverstone, Amy Heckerling Talk ‘Vamps’ & ‘Clueless’ Memories Marlow Stern October 31, 2012

Like, OK, to be around them when we were away from work is great, but being at work was still kind of strange for me.
How A Company’s Support of Gay Employees Helped One of Them To Come Out December 23, 2014

Historical Examples

I guess I could do it and get away with it as well as the average.
K Mary Roberts Rinehart

We found that about a dozen natives had been to the springs while we were away.
Explorations in Australia John Forrest

Phil could not seem to hurt them; he merely knocked them away.
The Einstein See-Saw Miles John Breuer

Tilly was to have gone also at that time, but had found it impossible to get away.
Harriet, The Moses of Her People Sarah H. Bradford

It had seized the hen, and refused to let go when she tried to scare it away.
Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers John Burroughs

from a particular place; off: to swim away
in or to another, usual, or proper place: to put toys away
apart; at a distance: to keep away from strangers
out of existence: the music faded away
indicating motion, displacement, transfer, etc, from a normal or proper place, from a person’s own possession, etc: to turn one’s head away, to give away money
indicating activity that is wasteful or designed to get rid of something: to sleep away the hours
continuously: laughing away, fire away
away with, a command for a person to go or be removed: away with you, away with him to prison!
far and away, by a very great margin: far and away the biggest meal he’d ever eaten
(Canadian) from away, from a part of Canada other than Newfoundland
adjective (usually postpositive)
not present: away from school
distant: he is a good way away
having started; released: he was away before sunrise, bombs away!
(also prenominal) (sport) played on an opponent’s ground: an away game
(golf) (of a ball or player) farthest from the hole
(baseball) (of a player) having been put out
(horse racing) relating to the outward portion or first half of a race
(sport) a game played or won at an opponent’s ground
an expression of dismissal

late Old English aweg, earlier on weg “on from this (that) place;” see a- (1) + way. Colloquial use for “without delay” (fire away, also right away) is from earlier sense of “onward in time” (16c.). Intensive use (e.g. away back) is American English, first attested 1818.


Out: Two away in the top of the eighth (Baseball)
In prison (Underworld)


back away
bang away
blow away
break away
by far (and away)
carry away
cart off (away)
cast away
clear out (away)
die away
do away with
draw away
eat away
explain away
fade out (away)
fall away
fire away
fool away
fritter away
get away
get away with
give away
go away
hammer away
lay aside (away)
make away with
out and away
pass away
peg away at
piss away
plug away at
pull away
put away
right away
run away
run away with
salt away
send away
shy away from
slink away
slip out (away)
sock away
spirit away
square away
squirrel away
stow away
take away from
take one’s breath away
tear away
throw away
tuck away
turn away
walk away from
walk off (away) with
waste away
wear off (away)
whale away
when the cat’s away
while away


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