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filled with awe.
Historical Examples

And Cora had turned sidewise in her seat next to him at the theatre and had looked up at him adoringly, awe-struck.
Gigolo Edna Ferber

Yes,” answered Henderson in an awe-struck voice, “Daubeny is dead.
St. Winifred’s Frederic W. Farrar

And she thrust the trembling, awe-struck children into the room that had been her prison, and turned the key upon them.
Happy Days for Boys and Girls Various

“That was it,” said Lestrade, in an awe-struck voice; and we were all silent for a while.
A Study In Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle

“It is on the moraine,” the men said, with awe-struck looks at one another.
Magnum Bonum Charlotte M. Yonge

But were you not frightened,—awe-struck in this dark and horrible place, alone?
A Jolly Fellowship Frank R. Stockton

A shrill, boyish voice broke out above the subdued, awe-struck chatter of the crowd.
Anderson Crow, Detective George Barr McCutcheon

One awe-struck look they gave it, and then fled howling into the woods.
The Norsemen in the West R.M. Ballantyne

She knelt by him, burying her awe-struck face in his bosom, and clung to him with all the fervor of her soul.
The Ghost William. D. O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Crow stood on the edge of the group, awe-struck and silent.
Anderson Crow, Detective George Barr McCutcheon


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