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filled with awe.
Historical Examples

She was temporarily tongue-tied, awestricken, full of a strange superstitious horror.
The Devil’s Garden W. B. Maxwell

“Yes; that was what woke me, Ned,” said Jack in an awestricken whisper.
Jack at Sea George Manville Fenn

The brother and sister looked at each other, but neither spoke the awestricken thought that was in both their hearts.
A Modern Instance William Dean Howells

They were immensely excited, not at all awestricken, entirely friendly.
The Leopard Woman Stewart Edward White

He was sure now that he liked this new acquaintance; she seemed pleasantly to be awestricken.
The Adventures of Bobby Orde Stewart Edward White

He encountered the abashed and awestricken Kipps with the praises of his system and himself.
Kipps H. G. Wells

Brushing aside the lowest boughs, they stepped in awestricken silence within the dank, chill cone of shade.
Sister Dolorosa and Posthumous Fame James Lane Allen

The company were awestricken at the infinite presumption of the man, and the calm assurance with which he spoke.
A New Witness for God (Volume 1 of 3) B. H. Roberts

Exultingly he called forth his vassals, and the work of opening the umbrella began in the presence of an awestricken multitude.
Out of the Hurly-Burly Charles Heber Clark

“Or mine,” added the Doctor lightly, much to the astonishment of our awestricken callers.
In the Forbidden Land Arnold Henry Savage Landor


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