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rotating rapidly; spinning; whirling (usually used predicatively):
dancers awhirl to the strains of a lively waltz.
Historical Examples

His senses were awhirl, his spirits high in the chimera that Trusia cared for him.
Trusia Davis Brinton

Everything had come so suddenly that the girl’s brain was all awhirl.
The Easiest Way Eugene Walter and Arthur Hornblow

This much Joe Hawkridge comprehended, although his mind was awhirl.
Blackbeard: Buccaneer Ralph D. Paine

Even then her mind was awhirl, and fatigue and perhaps hunger, too, made it impossible to think seriously.
The Story Of Julia Page Kathleen Norris

The whole island was awhirl with rumours; it was said, again and again, that fighting had begun.
Twelve Stories and a Dream H. G. Wells

His head was awhirl, his pulses fairly pounding with the weird, quixotic purport of his impulse.
Little Eve Edgarton Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

I slept but little that night; my brain was awhirl with many thoughts.
Dead Man’s Love Tom Gallon

He sat down again, his senses all awhirl with the aching desire he had to hold her in his arms.
Despair’s Last Journey David Christie Murray

The sun may burn till his senses are all awhirl, he must go on.
In the Foreign Legion Erwin Rosen

She hung up, leaving the little French girl in a state of bewilderment, her mind all awhirl with questions.
Hour of Enchantment Roy J. Snell


1837, from a- (1) + whirl (v.).


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