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noun (pl) -men
a man who wields an axe, esp to cut down trees
a person who makes cuts in expenditure or services, esp on behalf of another: the chancellor’s axeman
(US, slang) a man who plays a musical instrument, esp a guitar
Historical Examples

He had been endued with the gift of comprehension, and rock-cutter and axeman opened their minds to him.
The Greater Power Harold Bindloss

Put a plug there, John, addressing an axeman, and tell the boys to chain up.
Pickett’s Gap Homer Greene

Fulano de Tal, axeman, wants credit for provisions at the almacen or general store—Has he sufficient wood cut to warrant it?
Argentina From A British Point Of View Various

Some day you will meet an axeman face to face, and will find out what you know.
Wulfric the Weapon Thane Charles W. Whistler

The axeman strolled after her into the Bush, and then stopped to look hard at her as he uttered an inquiring, “Well?”
The Greater Power Harold Bindloss

It is rather doubtful, as you have travelled hither in a great hurry, whether you have ever seen an axeman at work.
Reminiscences of a Canadian Pioneer for the last Fifty Years Samuel Thompson

Gladstone’s reputation as an axeman among the Hawarden oaks has reached our shores.
How to Get Strong and How to Stay So William Blaikie

The axeman’s body and right leg are in one piece, the left leg being in two pieces.
Carpentry and Woodwork Edwin W. Foster

This put the axeman on his hands and knees, with face as white as chalk.
Fighting Byng A. Stone

So he took my hand and I went quickly thereafter, the men calling after me “Farewell, axeman!”
Wulfric the Weapon Thane Charles W. Whistler


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