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of, pertaining to, characterized by, or forming an axis:
an axial relationship.
situated in or on an axis.
relating to, forming, or characteristic of an axis
situated in, on, or along an axis

“pertaining to an axis,” by 1825, from axis + -al (1). Related: Axially.

axial ax·i·al (āk’sē-əl)

Relating to or characterized by an axis; axile.

Relating to or situated in the head and trunk region of the body.

Relating to or parallel with the long axis of a tooth.


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  • Axifugal

    axifugal axifugal ax·if·u·gal (āk-sĭf’yə-gəl, -sĭf’ə-) or ax·of·u·gal (-sŏf’yə-gəl, -sŏf’ə-, āk’sə-fyōō’gəl) adj. Directed away from an axon or axis. Relating to nerve impulses that move from the body of a nerve cell.

  • Axil

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    in or of an axis. Historical Examples In Ericaceæ too, the axile placenta has been seen ovuliferous at the base and prolonged above into a leafy branch. Vegetable Teratology Maxwell T. Masters Capsule 3–5-celled with axile placent, loculicidal or circumscissile, many-seeded. The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States Asa Gray In malformed […]

  • Axilemma

    the membrane surrounding the axon of a nerve fiber. noun a variant spelling of axolemma

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