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pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident; obvious.
Contemporary Examples

Which is to say, the existence of a bad thing does not imply, axiomatically, that there is a legislative solution to it.
Even Good Laws Sometimes Don’t Work Megan McArdle October 30, 2012

To people on the right, it’s axiomatically the case that of course we do.
Busted; Plus, This Election’s Other Referendum Michael Tomasky July 5, 2012

Historical Examples

Nineteenth century Liberalism is, in fact, axiomatically hostile to the State.
British Socialism J. Ellis Barker

Now Rousseau has in the work above mentioned proved the contrary just as axiomatically, by means of two men.
Landmarks of Scientific Socialism Friedrich Engels

relating to or resembling an axiom; self-evident
containing maxims; aphoristic
(of a logical system) consisting of a set of axioms from which theorems are derived by transformation rules Compare natural deduction

1797, from Greek axiomatikos, from axioma (genitive axiomatos); see axiom. Form axiomatical is attested from 1580s.


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  • Axiomatization

    noun the process of defining mathematical systems by a set of axioms Examples The Boolean logic of propositions has many different axiomatizations which are formally equivalent.

  • Axion

    a hypothetical particle having no charge, zero spin, and small mass: postulated in some forms of quantum chromodynamics. noun (physics) a hypothetical neutral elementary particle postulated to account for certain conservation laws in the strong interaction n. 1978, from axial + scientific suffix -on.

  • Axioplasm

    axioplasm axioplasm ax·i·o·plasm (āk’sē-ə-plāz’əm) n. Variant of axoplasm.

  • Axioversion

    axioversion axioversion ax·i·o·ver·sion (āk’sē-ō-vûr’zhən, -shən) n. An abnormal inclination of the long axis of a tooth.

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