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Axis deviation

axis deviation

axis deviation n.
The deflection of the electrical axis of the heart to the right or left of its normal position. Also called axis shift.


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  • Axis of evil

    noun North Korea, Iraq, and Iran when considered together as a perceived threat to world stability noun any government that sponsors terror Examples Bush singled out North Korea, Iran, and Iraq as the “axis of evil” in a State of the Union address. Word Origin 2002

  • Axis of ordinates

    y-axis (def 1).

  • Axis of revolution

    an axis in a plane, about which an area is revolved to form a solid of revolution.

  • Axis of symmetry

    Mathematics. a straight line for which every point on a given curve has corresponding to it another point such that the line connecting the two points is bisected by the given line. Crystallography, rotation axis.

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