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the branch of crystallography concerned with measurement of the axes of crystals


Read Also:

  • Axonotmesis

    axonotmesis axonotmesis ax·on·ot·me·sis (āk’sə-nŏt-mē’sĭs) n. Damage to nerve cells that destroys the axons but that does not destroy the supporting structures of the cells, making regeneration possible.

  • Axopetal

    axopetal axopetal ax·op·e·tal (āk-sŏp’ĭ-tl) adj. Relating to nerve impulses transmitted along an axon toward the body of a nerve cell.

  • Axoplasm

    cytoplasm within an axon. axoplasm ax·o·plasm (āk’sə-plāz’əm) or ax·i·o·plasm (āk’sē-ə-) n. The cytoplasm of an axon.

  • Axoplasmic transport

    axoplasmic transport axoplasmic transport ax·o·plas·mic transport (āk’sə-plāz’mĭk) n. Transport, by way of flow of axoplasm, toward a cell body or toward an axon terminal.

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