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adverb, preposition
(Scot) beyond
Historical Examples

Yir mother’s bearin’ her sorrow all alane in Ettrick and her laddie’ll bear it ayont the ocean.
St. Cuthbert’s Robert E. Knowles

“ayont the hoose there,” replied Peter, who was crouching behind a tree-stump.
Hunted and Harried R.M. Ballantyne

She followed the steps of the night, on its pathway of stars, far into the “wee sma’ hours ayont the twal’.”
Shirley Charlotte Bront

In front of a tavern, ayont yonder, a horse was whinneying as I came up.
The Road to Paris Robert Neilson Stephens

Geordie, yons our ain Barny, I ken by auld Helps motions; but wha she is that hes bringing wi him, is ayont my comprehension.
The Brownie of Bodsbeck, and Other Tales, Vol. II (of 2) James Hogg

Enter a well-filled car in “the wee small hours ayont the twal.”
The World on Wheels and Other Sketches Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin) Taylor

But ‘the wee small hour ayont the twal’ found him still searching, and still unsuccessful.
The Brother Clerks Xariffa


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