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air1 (def 8d).
Historical Examples

Eugene obeyed implicitly; and ayre, not without honest pride, recounted his Baden triumph.
Father Stafford Anthony Hope

It could not be said to rain, the waters like whole Rivers did flood in the ayre.
Southern Literature From 1579-1895 Louise Manly

ayre leant forward in his chair, and said: “How do you know she’ll refuse him?”
Father Stafford Anthony Hope

He lives a hundred years, unlesse the ayre agree not with him.
The Strand Magazine, Volume XXVII, January 1904, No. 157 Various

Throughout their previous acquaintance it had been Rickmansworth who was eager and excited, ayre who applied the cold water.
Father Stafford Anthony Hope

They were doubling the Point of ayre, when suddenly the wind fell to a dead calm.
The Deemster Hall Caine

Morewood, however, wouldn’t come, and ayre was forced to make the journey in solitude.
Father Stafford Anthony Hope

“We have a little question to submit to you, my dear fellow,” said ayre blandly.
Father Stafford Anthony Hope

The waters there are wholesome and cleare; the ayre dry and pure.
Spadacrene Anglica Edmund Deane

ayre thought the indifference overdone, but he took no notice of it.
Father Stafford Anthony Hope


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