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Arizona (approved especially for use with zip code).
variant of azo-, especially before a vowel:
Contemporary Examples

“AZ was offended that the agent would think that he could be bought for a Snickers bar,” Rodriguez writes.
CIA Veteran Jose Rodriguez Defends Waterboarding in New Book Philip Shenon April 29, 2012

“Shots fired on yall…WE KILL NI**AZ & BITCHES,” reads the message below.
What’s More Obscene Than Rihanna’s Boobs? Instagram’s Kids With Guns Michael Daly May 1, 2014

Casey Schwartz talks to a neurosurgeon about the AZ congresswoman’s diagnosis.
Gabrielle Giffords’ Prognosis Hopeful After Shooting Casey Schwartz January 8, 2011

Eve Conant and Molly Kelly-Yahner visit an AZ gun store to find out how easy it is to get armed.
How to Buy a Gun in Arizona Eve Conant, Molly Kelly-Yahner January 14, 2011

Historical Examples

Clams were fust diskovered, AZ the meAZles wAZ, by being caught.
Josh Billings on Ice Henry Wheeler Shaw

The Pakingtons of Worcester quarter Ermine on a fesse componé or, and AZ.
Shakespeare’s Family Mrs. C. C. Stopes

AZ a general thing, the bigger the augur iz, the bigger the hole, unless you bore into a mill pond.
Josh Billings on Ice Henry Wheeler Shaw

It iz just AZ natral for a man tew be lAZy, AZ it iz tew be born.
Josh Billings on Ice Henry Wheeler Shaw

Gravity, AZ a general thing, iz either the wizdum ov a phool or the cunning ov a raskall.
The Complete Works of Josh Billings Henry W. Shaw

I’m boun thee’s eat ’em vast enough, AZ zoon AZ ‘tiz the turn.
Old English Chronicles Various

Azerbaijan (international car registration)

The country code for Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan (international vehicle ID)


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