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azidothymidine az·i·do·thy·mi·dine (āz’ĭ-dō-thī’mĭ-dēn’)


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  • Azido group

    the univalent group N 3 −, derived from hydrazoic acid.

  • Azide

    any compound containing the azido group, as sodium azide, NaN 3 . noun any compound containing the monovalent group –N3 or the monovalent ion N3– (modifier) consisting of, containing, or concerned with the group –N3 or the ion N3–: azide group or radical

  • Azerty keyboard

    noun a common European version of typewriter keyboard layout with the characters a, z, e, r, t, and y positioned on the top row of alphabetic characters at the left side of the keyboard

  • Azerty

    azerty QWERTY

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