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containing the azo group.
a combining form used in the formation of compound words, especially names of chemical compounds containing nitrogen or the azo group:
Historical Examples

According to the brand of azo red which is used, either scarlet or ponceau is obtained.
The Practical Ostrich Feather Dyer Alexander Paul

If a very blue tone is desired, add to the bath some solution of coccinine (azo red blue touch).
The Practical Ostrich Feather Dyer Alexander Paul

All azo compounds are highly coloured, and in some cases they are direct cotton dyes.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3 Various

They are divided into mon-azo, di-azo, tri-azo compounds according to the number of azo groups present.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3 Various

By mixing the various brands of azo red, a very fine ponceau is produced.
The Practical Ostrich Feather Dyer Alexander Paul

azo compounds may become exceedingly complicated in structure.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3 Various

The name of azo is substituted for Nicholas, as more metrical.
The Works Of Lord Byron, Vol. 3 (of 7) Lord Byron

The B brand of the azo Fuchsines gives slightly bluer shades than the above.
The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics Franklin Beech

They may also be obtained by the oxidation of azo compounds.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1 Various

azo goes on to say that a plaint may be originated by intollerabilis injuria, in the sense of corporeal injury.
Villainage in England Paul Vinogradoff

of, consisting of, or containing the divalent group -N:N-: an azo group or radical See also diazo
combining form
indicating the presence of an azo group: azobenzene

word-forming element denoting the presence of nitrogen, 1879, from comb. form of azote, the old term for “nitrogen” (from Greek a- “not, without” (see a- (3)) + zoion “a living being;” see zoo); coined in French by Lavoisier & de Morveau because living things cannot survive in the gas.

azo- or az-
Containing a nitrogen group, especially one attached at both ends in a covalent bond to other groups: azole.
(āz’ō, ā’zō)
Containing two nitrogen atoms joined by a double bond, with each nitrogen atom attached to another group.
azo- or az-
A prefix that means “containing an azo group attached at both ends to other groups,” as in the compound azobenzene.
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