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Sea of, Azov.
Sea of, a northern arm of the Black Sea connected with the Black Sea by Kerch Strait. About 14,500 sq. mi. (37,555 sq. km).
Historical Examples

But, Azof, did not thought of him some passing joy impart; Did not the memory of his love bring gladness to her heart?
The Poetical Works of Mrs. Leprohon (Mrs. R.E. Mullins) Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

Come, that sabre cut I got on the head at the siege of Azof has deranged my brain.
A Romance of the West Indies Eugne Sue

The Sea of Azof, with its surrounding shores, soon fell into the possession of Russia.
The Empire of Russia John S. C. Abbott

The (p. 156) trouble began among the streltsi who had been sent to Azof.
The Story of Russia R. Van Bergen, M.A.

Is it meant for the Sea of Azof and Kertch, like the last, which alarmed us so, and never got so far?
The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood Arthur Griffiths

In 1736, the Russians took Azof and ravaged the western Crimea.
The Story of Russia R. Van Bergen, M.A.

It’s quite a small affair—a trip round the Sea of Azof, and the reduction of Kertch.
The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood Arthur Griffiths

The Turks had ships of their own, which they brought into the Sea of Azof for the protection of the town.
Peter the Great Jacob Abbott

Michel encountered the khan near the mouth of the Don, as it enters the Sea of Azof.
The Empire of Russia John S. C. Abbott

What he had to do was to take Azof against an army of Turks.
Beacon Lights of History, Volume VIII John Lord

Sea of Azov, a shallow arm of the Black Sea, to which it is connected by the Kerch Strait: almost entirely landlocked; fed chiefly by the River Don. Area: about 37 500 sq km (14 500 sq miles)


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