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to nitrogenize.
a less common word for nitrogenize


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  • Azotobacter

    any of several rod-shaped or spherical soil bacteria of the genus Azotobacter, important as nitrogen fixers. noun any bacterium of the family Azotobacteriaceae, important in nitrogen fixation in the soil

  • Azotos

    Greek name of Ashdod.

  • Azoturia

    an elevated level of nitrogenous compounds in the urine. Veterinary Pathology. Also called Monday morning disease. a disease of horses, especially draft horses returning to work after several days of inactivity and heavy feeding, characterized by muscle stiffness, paralysis, excessive sweating, and excretion of dark urine. Historical Examples Nervous subjects, it is known, are more […]

  • Azotus

    azotus the Grecized form (Acts 8:40, etc.) of Ashdod (q.v.). Historical Examples And Jonathan followed after him to azotus, and they joined battle. The Bible, Douay-Rheims Version Various And Jonathan pursued after him to azotus, and the armies joined battle. The Bible Story Rev. Newton Marshall Hall But Philip was found at azotus: and passing […]

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