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a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.


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    azygogram azygogram az·y·go·gram (āz’ĭ-gə-grām’) n. The radiographic image obtained by azygography.

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    azygography azygography az·y·gog·ra·phy (āz’ĭ-gŏg’rə-fē) n. The radiographic visualization of the azygos venous system following the injection of a radiopaque contrast medium.

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    azygos vein azygos vein n. A vein that arises from the right ascending lumbar vein or the inferior vena cava, ascends through the aortic orifice of the diaphragm, lies in the posterior mediastinum, and terminates in the superior vena cava. Historical Examples The Edentates, at any rate the American forms, have a double vena cava […]

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    azygos azygos az·y·gos (āz’ĭ-gŏs’, ā-zī’gŏs’) n. An unpaired anatomical structure. adj. or a·zy·gous (ā-zī’gəs) Not one of a pair, as a vein or muscle; occurring singly. Historical Examples This discovery of a tuberculosis of the blood-vessels was confirmed by Klebs, who had found a tuberculosis of the azygos veins. A System of Practical Medicine by […]

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