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Bachelor of Chemistry.
Bachelor of Commerce.
bass clarinet.
battery commander.
British Columbia.
before Christ (used in indicating dates).
Insurance. building and contents.
Contemporary Examples

And indeed since her death in 30 B.C., nearly everything has conspired against Cleopatra VII, the last of the Ptolemies.
Cleopatra’s Comeback Stacy Schiff June 2, 2010

As late as 1,000 B.C., a powerful fortress stood on its shores.
The Upside to Global Warming Stefan Theil August 25, 2011

A truly original approach might be to portray the second-century B.C. Maccabees speaking like rappers.
Yo, Yo, Yo, It’s Chanukah: Hip-Hop Lights the Menorah Eli Lake December 6, 2012

Another completed investigation linked a missing foot via DNA evidence to a 23-year-old man from White Rock, B.C.
Canada’s Severed-Feet Mystery Winston Ross September 3, 2011

These have been supplemented by jewelry from the Cairo Museum and with a 33 B.C. papyrus, on loan from the Neues Museum in Berlin.
Cleopatra’s Comeback Stacy Schiff June 2, 2010

Historical Examples

And a form of picture writing was growing up long before a thousand years B.C.
A Short History of the World H. G. Wells

But this passage is not enough to prove that the temple existed in 406 B.C.
The American Journal of Archaeology, 1893-1 Various

As tribune Curio played an all-important part in the crisis of 50 B.C.
Helps to Latin Translation at Sight Edmund Luce

The Yueh-chi appear to have begun their invasion about 130 B.C.
India: What can it teach us? F. Max Mller

It is best perhaps for our purpose to follow an ancient Brahmanical writer, who is supposed to have lived about 400 B.C.
India: What can it teach us? F. Max Mller

abbreviation of Before Christ, in chronology, attested by 1823. The phrase itself, Before Christ, in dating, with exact years, is in use by 1660s.

An abbreviation used with dates of events that took place before the birth of Jesus. b.c. stands for before Christ. (Compare a.d.; see b.c.e.)
before Christ
Breeders Cup


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