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B cell

Also called B lymphocyte. a type of lymphocyte, developed in bone marrow, that circulates in the blood and lymph and, upon encountering a particular foreign antigen, differentiates into a clone of plasma cells that secrete a specific antibody and a clone of memory cells that make the antibody on subsequent encounters.
Also called beta cell. a cell in the islet of Langerhans that produces and secretes insulin.

B cell n.

See beta cell.

A type of lymphocyte that, when stimulated by a particular antigen, differentiates into plasma cells that synthesize the antibodies that circulate in the blood and react with the specific antigens. Also called B lymphocyte.

B cell
Any of the lymphocytes that develop into plasma cells in the presence of a specific antigen. The plasma cells produce antibodies that attack or neutralize the antigen in what is called the humoral immune response. B cells mature in the bone marrow before being released into the blood. Also called B lymphocyte. Compare T cell.
bone-marrow-derived cell


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