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to make the sound of a sheep; bleat.
the bleating cry of a sheep.
Historical Examples

The percentage of monetary increase to be provided for that year should therefore be baaed on the increased number.
Money John P. Jones

“Oh, if I could only find a way to get over into your yard,” baaed Billy to Nannie.
Billy Whiskers’ Adventures Frances Trego Montgomery

The Count d’Albanie’s claim to Royal descent has been shown to be baaed on a myth.
Charles Darwin: His Life in an Autobiographical Chapter, and in a Selected Series of His Published Letters Charles Darwin

I have baaed my head nearly off calling to you and Button to come to my rescue, but not a sound could I hear.
Billy Whiskers’ Adventures Frances Trego Montgomery

She wished for a pet lamb, but it baaed so loudly that she was almost discovered by the farmer, so that had to go too.
Oswald Bastable and Others Edith Nesbit

“Yes, that is it,” baaed Billy, but of course the man did not understand what Billy was saying to him.
Billy Whiskers’ Adventures Frances Trego Montgomery

“Fellows, hurry your bones and see who is here,” baaed Billy to Stubby and Button.
Billy Whiskers’ Adventures Frances Trego Montgomery

verb baas, baaing, baaed
(intransitive) to make the cry of a sheep; bleat
the cry made by sheep
the main airports operator in the United Kingdom; until privatization in 1987, an abbreviation for British Airports Authority

imitative sound of a sheep, attested from 1580s, but probably older, as baa is recorded before this a name for a child’s toy sheep.
Bachelor of Applied Arts


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