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lord of the opening, a god of the Moabites (Num. 25:3; 31:16; Josh. 22:17), worshipped by obscene rites. So called from Mount Peor, where this worship was celebrated, the Baal of Peor. The Israelites fell into the worship of this idol (Num. 25:3, 5, 18; Deut. 4:3; Ps. 106:28; Hos. 9:10).

Historical Examples

To the Hebrew prophets the cult of baal-peor was not so much a false as an impious creed.
The Fijians Basil Thomson

baal-peor was, he says, the sun exercising his powers of fecundity.
The Symbolism of Freemasonry Albert G. Mackey

They joined themselves also unto baal-peor, and ate the sacrifices of the dead.
Our Day W. A. Spicer

And Moses said unto the judges, slay every one of these men who were joined unto baal-peor.
Watson Refuted Samuel Francis

The Midianites brought their sacrifices and slew them; the festival of baal-peor was proclaimed.
The Expositor’s Bible:The Book of Numbers Robert A. Watson

Simeon may have been involved in the sin of baal-peor more than the others and suffered proportionately.
The Expositor’s Bible:The Book of Numbers Robert A. Watson


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