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Anthony 1561–86, English conspirator, executed for organizing an unsuccessful plot (1586) to assassinate Elizabeth I and place Mary, Queen of Scots, on the English throne
Historical Examples

When the conversations above related took place, the babington wedding had been fixed to take place in a week’s time.
John Caldigate Anthony Trollope

Melville always is as positive as babington Macaulay p. 66himself.
The London Pulpit J. Ewing Ritchie

I suppose you are often there,’ Mr. babington said to his guest, the parson of Utterden.
John Caldigate Anthony Trollope

babington—By accident, but I believe that does not alter the case.
State Trials Vol. 2 (of 2) Various

babington Macaulays essays on the various statesmen of the rebellion are good.
The Life of Isaac Ingalls Stevens, Volume I (of 2) Hazard Stevens

To him up to that time the babington folk had always been a unit.
John Caldigate Anthony Trollope

This plot is known in history by the name of babington’s conspiracy.
Mary Queen of Scots, Makers of History Jacob Abbott

It was as though a thunderbolt had fallen among them at babington.
John Caldigate Anthony Trollope

Then there had been a few words, and the Squire had asserted himself, and insisted upon asking Shand to babington.
John Caldigate Anthony Trollope

Mr. babington was so shocked that he did not cease to stir himself.
John Caldigate Anthony Trollope


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